Bachelor of Science Nursing.

Currently, Kabarak University School of Health Sciences offers BSc. Nursing at the Main Campus. The program in the school is founded on Christian virtues which equip one with Godly values in nursing practice. The nursing program challenges its students to become exceptionally compassionate, caring and competent nurse leaders who impact and transform their world and health care in general through uniqueness of Christ inspired nursing practice.

Nursing profession plays a vital role in the provision of these health care services in this country. Nurses are the backbone of the delivery of health services in this country and particularly more so in the county where they are found in all the levels. Nursing has taken great strides and continues to make great effort to contribute towards the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals and the Vision 2030. Therefore education at high level (BSc. Nursing, Masters and Doctoral) is paramount because competent nurses need to be prepared to take the new responsibilities at all levels- National (counties) and International levels

Department of nursing offers a four-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing with core modules in areas such as Medical-Surgical Nursing, Community Health, Midwifery and pediatric nursing, Mental-health and psychiatric, nursing leadership and management, nursing education and research . Students also have an opportunity to explore on specialized units of nursing during their last academic year. Specialized units include oncology nursing, forensic nursing, palliative nursing, ethical & legal issues in nursing, environmental and occupational health, gender and health and finally entrepreneurship. Nursing students are also attached to the communities and teaching institutions to gain community and teaching experiences respectively. During the year of training, students are also expected to prepare dissertation and elective projects in areas of their interest or choice

Minimum Admission Requirements
All applicants for admission to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing must satisfy the following requirements:
A mean grade of at least C+ (C plus) in K.C.S.E. with a minimum of C+ in the following subjects:
Chemistry or physical science
Biology or Biological Science
English or Kiswahili
Physics or Mathematics

Department of Nursing takes its students in May and September of every year. The student will take 4-years of 12 semesters to qualify to be awarded BSc. Nursing degree.

Nursing Department offers an opportunity for its students to access scholarships as per stipulated University-wide bulletin.

The curriculum includes courses that have community based component. This helps to orientate and to sensitize the graduates of the programme to the health problems of the community and their possible solutions.

INTERNSHIP & LICENSURE INFORMATION {NURSING COUNCIL OF KENYA} Each graduating student undergoes one year internship as prescribed by Nursing Council of Kenya (NCK) and sits for NCK national exams, upon which the graduate is licensed to practice Nursing in Kenya.

a) The vision is to become a leader centre of excellence in the training of nursing professionals who have the compassion of Christ in the provision of health care services
b) The mission is to train nurses in the provision of highly quality care, conduct research, undertake consultancies, promote nursing education and are in the forefront for formulating health policies

This programme aims to produce nurses with:
a) A solid grounding nurse with Christian ethical and moral values as well as professional competence.
b) A solid grounding in the principles of nursing and Health care delivery.
c) An understanding of relevant technologies available for Health care.
d) An understanding of available technologies for diagnostic services.
e) A holistic understanding of patient care and management.
f) The ability to participate in health education and promotion to enhance best health practices among individuals and the community.
g) The ability to plan, guide and implement disease prevention and health promotion programs.

Expected Competences of BScN Nurse
a) Professional Values, Behaviour and Ethics
Kabarak University intends to train globally professional nurses within the context of Biblical perspective capable of providing quality nursing care to meet the dynamic community and patient's needs.
b) Scientific Foundation of Nursing
Graduates of the School of Health Sciences will be well grounded in the scientific basis and foundation of nursing through a rigorous exposure to basic sciences before exposure to clinical disciplines. This will be done through problem based and student centred learning, supported by the appropriate learning resources. Much effort will be placed in the management of this learning throughout the training of the student to ensure coordinated learning.
c) Clinical Skills
The School of Health Sciences will strive to nurture the clinical skills of every student to the highest level. This will be done initially with the aid of a well equipped skills laboratory so as to help the student to master the skill and gain the confidence required before finally polishing the skills on actual patients.
d) Population Health and Health Systems
The curriculum has many courses aimed at exposing the student to population health and health issues as these issues have major impact on the individual and community health.
e) Management of Information
Students in the School of Health Sciences will be widely exposed to management of information which is essential for policy decisions, planning and implementation of activities and programs in the health sector.
f) Critical Thinking and Research
The School of Health Sciences will through problem based and student centred learning, develop and nurture the attitude of critical thinking and appreciation of Health Research in every student. This is expected to develop competent professionals who are open minded and receptive to useful ideas, and not tied down by traditions.
g) Leadership and Management Skills
The nurse will be expected or called upon at all times to be a team leader during varying and diverse circumstance. During all these circumstances, the leadership and management skills will be required. For these reasons, this curriculum has several courses that will help to train the student in leadership and management skills. Additionally many doctors are likely to me assigned management duties in their stations.

Mode of Application

Application forms and further de

Application forms and further details are available from the Admissions offices or website (click here).
Duly completed forms should be returned to any of those offices with a non-refundable fee as follows:

Bridging - Kshs.500,
Pre-University and Undergraduate - Kshs.1000,
MBA - Kshs.1500

Kabarak University into any of the following bank accounts:
Standard Chartered Bank - 01040-943637-01 Nakuru;
Trans National Bank - 0040503005 Nakuru;
Kenya Commercial Bank - 1109663161 Nakuru;
Equity Bank - 0310294445167 Nakuru Kenyatta Avenue.
MPESA PayBill/Business number is 983100.
Account No. enter your Registration Number for Continuing Students and for New Students enter your National ID Number.