Bachelor of Science in Clinical Medicine and Community Health

The 4-year degree program has been designed to recognize that its graduates will have an advanced training in basic sciences, clinical and community health in order to provide health care that will integrate curative and preventive health care. This program will also give an opportunity for the practicing Clinical Officers to upgrade their education and skills while opening avenues for the graduates to advance in postgraduate and research areas. The core modules in this program include Paediatrics, Reproductive health, Minor Surgery, Internal Medicine, Psychiatry and Community Health. Specialised units include ENT, Ophthalmology, Dental health, Oncology and Dermatology.

Minimum Admission Requirements

All applicants for admission to the Bachelor of Science in Clinical Medicine must satisfy the following requirements:

  • A mean grade of C+ (C plus) in K.C.S.E with a minimum in the following subjects: Chemistry or Physical science, Physics or Mathematics, Biology or Biological Sciences, English or Kiswahili
  • ORAt least 2 principle pass in Biology, Chemistry and a subsidiary pass in either Mathematics or Physical sciences at the advance level or its equivalent as determined by the University Senate.
  • ORDiploma in Clinical Medicine and Surgery from a recognised institution approved by the University Senate. Holders of Clinical Medicine and Surgery will be eligible for credit transfer for up to 30% as will be approved by the Senate in the first and second year courses only.
  • ORDegree in Medical Sciences: A minimum ‘O’ level division II or C+ Mean grade and a credit pass C+ in the cluster subjects in K.C.S.E in addition to a credit pass in the subsequent professional qualifications from a recognized medical training institution.

Diploma of Clinical Medicine and Surgery

A 3-year diploma program of Clinical Medicine and Surgery is also offered at our main campus and clinical sites.

Minimum Admission Requirements

All applicants for admission to the Diploma of Clinical Medicine and Surgery must satisfy the following requirements.

  • O’ level KCSE with mean grace of C (plain), C in English or Kiswahili and Biology or Biological Sciences. C- in any two of the following: Physics, chemistry or mathematics . Equivalent KCE Div. I or II with at least six (6) credit passes in English, Biology, Physical Science, Chemistry or Physics.

The School of Medicine Health Sciences has intakes for Clinical Medicine in May and September every year.

The School of Health Sciences offers an opportunity for its students to access scholarships as per stipulated in the University-wide bulletin.

The curriculum includes courses that have community-based components. This will help to orientate and to sensitize graduates of the programme to the health problems of the community and their possible solutions.

INTERNSHIP & LICENSURE INFORMATION {Clinical Of?cers Council of Kenya} Each graduating student shall proceed on one-year internship within an approved health facility preceding registration by the Clinical Officers Council of Kenya. During the period of internship the graduate shall be designated as Clinical Officer interns.

a) The vision is to provide skilled and competent human resources in the health sector that is vested with moral and ethical values.
b) The mission is to train Clinical Officers to apply the basic principles of clinical management in provision of health services; hence contribute effectively to early intervention, disease prevention and health promotion.


This programme aims to produce graduates with:

  • Christian moral values as well as professional competence
  • Grounding in the principles of medicine and community health
  • An understanding of relevant technologies available for medical care
  • A holistic understanding of patient care and management
  • The ability to participate in health education and promotion to enhance best health practices among individuals and community
  • The ability to plan, guide and implement disease prevention and health promotion programmes
  • The capacity and capabilities to harness and implement health care programmes

Expected Competencies (BSc CM)

a) Professional Values, Behaviour and Ethics

Kabarak University intends to train globally professional Clinical Officers within the context of biblical perspective capable of providing quality health care to meet the needs of the dynamic community and patient’s needs.

b) Scientific Foundation of Nursing

Graduates of School of Health Sciences will be thoroughly exposed to Biomedical Sciences with a solid grounding to pursue postgraduate study in medicine and other allied health-related courses. The scientific studies will focus on the human body at the molecular, cellular and whole body levels and the disciplines of biochemistry and cell biology, physiology, developmental biology, microbiology, pharmacology and neuroscience.

c) Clinical Skills

The University places a lot of importance to this stage of training of the medical student because it lies at the heart of medical education. The students at this stage will strive to acquire skills of history taking, physical examination, clinical reasoning, decision making, empathy, and professionalism can be taught and learnt as an integrated whole.

Programme Duration and Credit Hours

The programme is designed to last for four academic years consisting of three trimesters per year undertaken on full time basis. Bachelor of Science in Clinical Medicine shall complete a minimum of ; 238 Credit factors | 2115 Lecture hours 945 Practical hours | 2355 Clinical hours.

Tuition Fee

BSc in Clinical Medicine and Community Health
Tuition Fees: 75,000 per semester
Duration: 12 semesters

Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Surgery
Tuition Fees: 45,000 per semester
Duration: 9 semesters


The program was accredited by the Clinical Officers Council of Kenya (COC) in 2012 and also accredited by the Commission of University Education in 2014.

Mode of Application

Application forms and further details are available from the Admissions offices or website (click here).
Duly completed forms should be returned to any of those offices with a non-refundable fee as follows:

Bridging - Kshs.500,
Pre-University and Undergraduate - Kshs.1000,
MBA - Kshs.1500

Kabarak University into any of the following bank accounts:
Standard Chartered Bank - 01040-943637-01 Nakuru;
Trans National Bank - 0040503005 Nakuru;
Kenya Commercial Bank - 1109663161 Nakuru;
Equity Bank - 0310294445167 Nakuru Kenyatta Avenue.
MPESA PayBill/Business number is 983100.
Account No. enter your Registration Number for Continuing Students and for New Students enter your National ID Number.