Activities And Projets

Constitutional & administrative law

CJLS is currently reviewing a proposal for a project on Devolution & Federalism in Kenya. It has also initiated a dialogue on the status of administrative law in Kenya, a special feature of its Journal of Law & Ethics.

Human rights & international law

The CJLS is currently working on a Treatise in Human Rights in Kenya under the editorship of Duncan Okubasu, Japheth Biegon & Godfrey Musila, and Fellow of CJCS. CJCS is also creating a human rights database for all decisions of superior courts in Kenya.

Kabarak Legal Aid Clinic [KLAC]

CJCS is commencing a legal aid project to provide legal services to those who cannot afford and to conduct public interest litigation. This programme is run by Wakuraya Rahab.

Peace and security

The focus of this project is on security in the Great-Lakes region. Areas of coverage include terrorism, crime, cattle rustling, ethnic wars, resource conflict, inter-boundary clashes.

Law expert public lectures

CJCS invites experts in their respective fields to deliver Law Expert Public Lectures. (LEPL) Some of the LEPL lined up include by Geoffrey Imende, Lawrence Juma, Mutakha Khangu & Rashid Dumbuya.