About Centre for Jurisprudence & Constitutional Studies

CJSC is an epicenter of robust research in the areas of legal philosophy and public law, particularly constitutional, human rights, international law and administrative law. It spearheads law and policy studies in the area of public law not only in Kenya but also in Africa. It is hosted at Kabarak University, School of Law, an emerging leading law school in East Africa. It is an academic unit of the department of public law. The purport of CJCS is to

  • Promote constitutionalism, rule of law, democracy, human rights and social justice in Africa;
  • Facilitate studies and research in legal theory and public law through a multi-disciplinary study of the relationship between the law and theology, philosophy, political science, sociology, and science;
  • Participate in consultancy;
  • Organise and facilitate conferences and seminars to address issues relating to public law in Kenya and Africa;
  • Engage in publication of journals and books in the field of public law in Kenya and in Africa;
  • Participate in capacity building of the Faculty Members in terms of research writing;
  • Participate in community engagement through various projects.

Future plan

Soon the CJCS will, with the approval of senate and Council for Legal Education facilitate Post Graduate degrees of Master of Laws (LL.M), Master of Arts in Law (MA) as well as Doctor of Laws (LL.D) and Doctor of Philosophy in Law (Ph.D).

The CJCS also intends wants to enter into a partnership with the Law Society of Kenya to facilitate CLE accredited courses and with the Judicial Training Institute to facilitate training for judicial officers in Kenya and in Africa as a whole.